Dental Implant or Root Canal Treatment?

Dental Implant or Root Canal Treatment?

Dental Implants are the ideal method of replacing missing teeth, or teeth that are severely broken and require extraction. However, you must remember that Dental Implants are foreign bodies that can be rejected by your body. While the success rate of Dental Implant therapy is very high, up to 97%, there is always a chance of failure. If your tooth has a good prognosis, you should keep it, even if root canal treatment needs to be done. This is because the tooth is part of your body and will NEVER be rejected.

Patients today face a problem with the commercialization of dental treatment. Treatment recommendations to patients today may not be the most ethical. It is not uncommon to hear of patients who were told to extract structurally sound teeth and have them replaced by dental implants.

These patients are often informed that dental implants are better and stronger than natural teeth. They are then advised to extract their teeth and replace them with dental implants, rather than have root canal treatment and crowns done. This situation is the result of some clinics and dentists putting the bottom line ahead of the quality of patient care. This is just not right.

Remember, dental implants are the most ideal method of replacing MISSING teeth. They are NOT the best method of REPLACING TEETH. The two statements may seem similar at first glance, but they are markedly difference. Your own natural teeth are ALWAYS the BEST, and if possible, they should be saved.

If you ever feel in doubt of treatment advice you have been given, it is always good to get a second opinion to put your mind at ease.

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