Imagine you are having lunch, you take a bite and your dental implant crown chipped! What do you do now?The good news is that you should not experience any sensitivity or pain as there are no nerves in the dental implant.

If the chip is relative minor, the sharp porcelain where the fracture occured can be trimmed down, either with a drill or a sand paper disc. This is a relatively quick and painless fix. You should be in and out of the dental office in no time at all.

If the porcelain fracture in your dental implant crown is larger, and you managed to retrieve the fractured ceramic, the fractured portion can be bonded back onto your crown. This is not the ideal option, but it can be done during the same dental visit.

The procedure can either be done in your mouth, without the need to remove the dental implant crown, or outside your mouth. The deciding factor would be how well the implant crown can be isolated to perform the bonding procedure.

The fractured porcelain is microetched, cleaned and conditioned. An adhesive bonding agent is then used to connect the two pieces of porcelain together.

If the implant crown chip is larger, or if you were not able to retain the fractured fragment, then things get a little more complicated. New porcelain can be added to your existing crown - if it can be removed without being damaged.

The restoration would need to be removed and sent to the dental laboratory. If you need to have a replacement tooth in that position, you would either have to use your old provisional crown or have a new one made.

Once the crown has been repaired, it is reconnected to the dental implants in your mouth.

The worst case scenario is the that chip is too large, or there has been a catastrophic fracture of the crown. In this situation, the broken crown  has to be removed and a new dental implant crown fabricated.

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