Dental implants are a method in which missing teeth can be replaced. Why choose Dental Implants? They are less invasive compared to bridges, since the teeth adjacent to the gap do not need to be reduced, conserving the neighboring teeth. They also have better aesthetics and allow for more natural function and chewing. You can bite harder with dental implants!

Dental implants consist of two components. A titanium anchor or fixture is a screw that is embedded in the jaw bone.  This portion replaces the root of the missing tooth. A surgical procedure is required to insert the titanium anchor.  This is followed by a period of healing,  where the jaw bone grows and fuses to the titanium surface. Once the anchor has successfully integrated to the jaw bone, it serves as a foundation for the restoration replacing the tooth.

At this point, an impression is made to record the position and direction of the implant. This is then sent to the dental laboratory where an implant crown is made. The crown is then connected to the titanium anchor. It is this crown which replaces the part of the tooth above the gums.

This restores the aesthetics and function that was affected when the tooth was previously extracted.