While you can replace missing teeth with either Dental Implants or Dentures, there are some critical differences between the two treatment options.

Dentures are more economical and can be made faster with less treatment visits. Dentures do not require surgery. However, our mouths were not designed to have a piece of plastic resting on our gums, so there will be a period of adaptation. This is not pleasant to some people. The dentures will move and you will need to train your mouth muscles to stabilize your dentures. While learning to use your new dentures, you will also have to deal with some inconveniences.  These include when the dentures sometimes lose their grip and food getting trapped under the dentures after eating.

Dental implants cost more and require a longer treatment time. However, they are more comfortable and provide better aesthetics and chewing efficiency. You can bite harder with dental implants, allowing you to enjoy your food again! As the false teeth are now connected to the titanium anchors, this eliminates the need to cover the jaws with a piece of plastic, allowing your gums to breathe better.

Dental implants are the closest thing we have to replacing missing teeth!