So you had your new dental implants placed and they were fantastic! You could eat and smile with confidence. But recently, something just doesn't feel right. Are you experiencing having Dental Implant Issues?

It may feel a funny when you bite, or something feels loose. You may even notice a slight swelling in the area of your implant or have some pain. What is going on? What has happened? More importantly, what should you do next?

Problems with dental implants can occur at the level of the implant fixture, the gums or bone around the implant or the implant crown. There are multiple possibilities that could be resultin the pain or discomfort you are experiencing.

You will need to have a consultation with a Dental Specialist experienced in dealing with dental implants. The specific problem you have will have to be identified and diagnosed with a clinical examination and dental radiographs, and once this is done, a solution that addresses your problem will be proposed to you.