Is your dental implant loose? Occasionally, some patients feel that their dental implants start to become mobile. This movement may be due to several different causes .

It could simply be a manifestation of the retaining screw between the implant crown and the fixture becoming loose. This is pretty easy to fix. Your dentist just has to retighten the retaining screw to the right level and seal the screw access hole. Sometimes, the retaining screw may need to be changed before it can be tightened.

If your implant crown was cemented onto an abutment, it could be that the cement seal was broken and the crown has come off. You would then need to see your dentist to have the implant crown cleaned out and recemented onto the implant abutment.

The worst case scenario is that the implant has become deintegrated from the jaw bone. This could be due to infection around the fixture, or excessive bite forces. In this instance, the implant would need to be removed and the bone allowed to heal. After a sufficient period of healing, you can consider placing a new implant into the jaw bone.

Should you feel that your implant is loose, do not hesitate to contact us. We will diagnose the cause of your problem and propose the appropriate solution.