One of the most commonly asked questions is "Are Dental Implants Safe?"

As with every procedure that is done, Patient Safety is of the utmost concern. It is natural for you to be concerned about how safe Dental Implants are.

The term Dental Implant used today generally refers to titanium endosseous (or endosteal) dental implants, which is titanium anchors which are inserted into the jaw bone. Historically, other types of dental implants include bladed implants, subperiosteal (under the gums) implants and transosteal (through the bone) implants.

When the titanium implant is made of commercially pure titanium, or titanium alloy that contains more than 85% of titanium, an inert, biocompatible layer of titanium dioxide will form on the surface of the metal. Bone cells will then fuse to this layer, resulting in osseointergration, that is the implant being integrated with the bone.

The type of dental implants commonly used today were first inserted by Dr PI Branemark in 1965 into patient volunteers. These first patients were then monitored by up to 10 years to ensure that the new procedure was safe and effective. The first dental implants placed were in service for 40 years, when the patient passed away with these implants still integrated to the jaw bone.

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