What would you do if you were eating and something came out from your dental implant?

This maybe something as simple as the filling covering the dental implant accesss hole dislodging, or part of the veneering porcelain of the crown shearing off. If the dental implant crown is a cemented one, it could be that the crown fractured or came off. The implant abutment screw could also have broken, resulting in the implant crown or implant abutment coming loose and falling out.

Finally, if the problem is at the level of the implant fixture, possible problems could be fracture of the implant fixture, or the entire implant fixture failing and losing intergration from the jaw bone and coming out.

Depending on what the underlying problem is, the solution could be from something as simple as replacing the filling over the dental implant access hole or smoothening the fractured porcelain surface, to having to remove a fractured implant fixture and do a bone graft, replacing the dental implant fixture after bone healing. If the cemented crown dislodged, it can simply be recemented, but if the porcelain fracture is larger, or the crown is broken in half, the implant crown would need to be remade.

If you have experienced something similar with your dental implant, Contact Us for a clinical examination to find out what treatments options are appropriate for you. We will discuss possible treatments in detail, to provide you with enough information to make an informed decision.